Here is what we can do for you

  • Strategy

    Big-time ideas require big-time research, analysis, planning, and our favorite… implementation! Our experienced team will develop an “idea builder worksheet” outlining objectives, our process and all of the deliverables to make your project a success.

  • Market Research

    We do our homework to provide you with extensive information about the particular market segment that your camp is in. We look at your competition, the tools you use and the tools you should use and offer you a greater understanding of the marketplace.


  • Digital Marketing

    We use effective messaging and apply it to web design, social media, interactive video and other online medium.  And we stay ahead of the changing face of the digital times. Tremendous user experience will drive awareness, conversion and reach.

  • Social Media

    We know how to make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social networking platforms work for you. Simply, we understand what it takes to engage users and keep them coming back for more.

  • Video Production

    We have the power to showcase your brand through the highest quality of video and production.

  • Experiential Campaigns

    We believe in word-of-mouth marketing and we know how to get your camp name into people’s conversations. Camp Craze uses on-line and traditional marketing platforms to bring your brand to the people – and bring the people to you.

The beauty of creation is its ability to inspire. As a company working in the youth market we wanted to design a program to give back and inspire young people to DREAM BIG. In collaboration with incredible brand partners, clients and friends, CRAZE Interactive / Camp Craze has produced and launched year-round “Hangouts” open to anyone and everyone looking for inspiration in their future career or life in general. Sometimes it’s words of wisdom from those who’ve “made it” which can have the biggest impact.

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