GreytHR Review 2024: Does It Beat Other HR and Payroll Software?

May 20th 2024

When setting up and growing a business, you focus on developing a solid product that addresses your target market's key concerns. Factors like streamlining human resource (HR) operations, processing payroll, and managing your team’s leaves are your least areas of concern!

But as you start scaling, your priorities change, and hiring employees, understanding labour laws, and organising HR processes become your immediate priorities. 

This is when you need an HRMS platform like GreytHR that automates HR processes, payroll, leave and attendance management, allowing founders, HRs, and finance to focus on innovative activities like product development, sales, and growth.

But how effective is GreytHR? Will it meet your requirements? Is it affordable? Are there any better GreytHR alternatives available in the market? 

If you are finding an answer to all these questions, sit back. We have done the groundwork, and here’s a detailed GreytHR review so you can make the correct choice. 

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  • GreytHR is a cloud-based HRMS platform with core features like: HR Software, Payroll Software, and Leave Management Software.

  • GreytHR offers user-based pricing plans with limited or no access to features like absent management and performance management unless they opt for the most expensive Enterprise Plan worth ₹ 7495 per month. A free plan is available with generic HR features.

  • Current users of GreytHR appreciate its simple user interface but complain about its limited customisation features and flawed attendance and leave management portals that affect payroll calculation.

  • We will also cover the top five GreytHR alternatives based on our GreytHR review and how these tools stand out from GreytHR.

What is GreytHR?


GreytHR is a cloud-based HRMS platform that organises administrative HR operations like payroll, leave, and attendance management to empower employees with a self-serve platform. It allows employers and HR professionals to monitor all employee activities within a single dashboard.

GreytHR offers user-friendly HRMS software with features like employee communication, helpdesk, bank integration, compliant payroll processing, and organised leave tracking.

The three core features of GreytHR are: 

  • HR software: Automates the core yet repetitive HR operations to ensure HR teams don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.

  • Payroll software: Process payouts, remove spreadsheets for payroll calculation, and stay compliant with tax slabs.

  • Leave management software: Manage multiple leave types in a single dashboard, track leave applications, and stay compliant with leave policies.

Comprehensive GreytHR Features Review 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the core features as part of our GreytHR review process.

GreytHR HR software 

GreytHR’s HR software automates repetitive functions to introduce speed, efficiency, and productivity across all workforce departments. It reduces the operational burden on HR professionals and engages employees with a self-served portal powered by helpdesk support.

  • Integrate with banks, recruitment CRMs, and biometric systems to develop custom workflows, add simple levels like approvals, escalations, and monitoring, and automate time-consuming manual tasks to improve overall productivity 

greythr hr
greythr hr
greythr hr

(All images via GreytHR)

  • Develop a centralised employee database to create a single source of truth for all employee information, remove data clutter, and make more informed decisions 

  • Use a bunch of power tools and automated workflows to manage employee lifecycle end-to-end, starting from onboarding to off-boarding and all other tasks like sending offer letters, performing background verification, and approving salary revision letters.  

  • A self-serve employee portal where employees can update their personal information, download payslips and tax certificates, and access benefits 

  • A built-in help desk and a friendly chatbot to answer employees’ routine queries professionally, respond to emergencies and grievances

greythr helpdesk
greythr helpdesk
greythr helpdesk
  • Employees get access to a social feed and bulletin board to check up on the latest updates, an employee directory to know co-workers better, timely event reminders, and a complete social environment to interact with co-workers 

greythr hr engagement
greythr hr engagement
greythr hr engagement
  • HR professionals can save their valuable time by sending bulk messages and SMS to all employees, getting automated reminders on employee birthdays and anniversaries 

  • An intuitive dashboard to track HR metrics like employee headcount, turnover, and new joiners to support decision-making  

  • 100+ Report templates and customisation of each report based on ad-hoc requirements

Features & Availability

  • Employee self-service portal (ESS) - Yes

  • Application Tracking System (ATS) - No

  • Employee Performance Management System - Yes

  • Built-in learning and development centre - No

  • HR metrics dashboard - Yes

  • Mobile accessibility - Yes

  • Integration with CRM and other tools - Yes

  • Workflow automation - Yes

  • Confidentiality of secured employee data - Yes

  • Collaboration and engagement with co-workers - Yes

GreytHR Payroll software 

GreytHR’s payroll software is an end-to-end solution that processes payments with no limitations in terms of statutory compliance, enables self-service settlements.

  • Process payrolls faster, enjoy the benefits of customisable salary structures, and configure your online payroll engine based on ad-hoc requirements. Built-in status tracker for cash and cheque payments  

greythr bank transfer
greythr bank transfer
greythr bank transfer
  • Handle multiple salary components and specific use cases like loans, arrears, reimbursements, and F&F settlements without any manual calculations 

  • Direct-debit facility to transfer salaries directly through the application. Additionally, it supports electronic transfers for all leading Indian banks to fast-forward payment

  • GreytHR frees up HR, Finance, and Founder’s time by staying compliant and performing calculations like: 

    • PF and ECR generation 

    • TDS and eTDS calculation 

    • Form 16 and Form 12B generation 

    • Professional Tax calculation with specific rules 

    • ESI calculations 

greythr reports
greythr reports
greythr reports
  • The employee self-service portal enables employees to manage their payment preferences, fill out tax forms, find answers to their payroll-related queries, perform tax calculations with IT calculators

greythr payslips
greythr payslips
greythr payslips
  • Employees can submit reimbursement claims and experience more transparency associated with payroll and benefit-related queries

  • Generate ready-made, personalised MIS and reconciliation reports, statutory compliance reports, and a payment statement builder. The payment analytics dashboard includes insights into employee salary components and tax liabilities and helps make accurate decisions related to salary revision 

Features and Availability

  • Error-free, timely payroll processing - Yes

  • Tax compliance and filing - Yes

  • Multiple payment options and direct deposits - Yes

  • Timesheet and attendance integration - Yes

  • Multi-currency support - Yes

  • Mobile accessibility - Yes

  • Benefits and deduction management - Yes

  • Customised payroll reports - Yes

  • Confidentiality of secured employee data - Yes

  • Employee expense management - Yes

  • Audit and reconciliation tool - Yes

  • Employee self-service portal - Yes

GreytHR Leave management software 

GreytHR’s leave management software efficiently tracks leave types, applications, and policies within a unified dashboard. It helps employers implement a uniform leave policy across the organisation, adjust salary structures based on accurate leave counting, and simplify the lives of HR professionals. 

  • For medium to large workforces, tracking team members' leaves using spreadsheets is challenging and prone to errors. GreytHR automates the entire leave application to the approval process.

greythr leaves
greythr leaves
greythr leaves
  • Ensure that a similar leave policy is active across the organisation, and automate and streamline leave applications, approvals, leave counts, and leave encashments

  • Generate standard, adaptable leave policy with configurable parameters, specifically for companies residing in different locations 

greythr leaves policy
greythr leaves policy
greythr leaves policy
  • Unlimited leave types, starting with casual leaves, sick leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, etc., to provide employees with sufficient options

  • Access to different leave schemes for various employee groups, a diverse list of holidays for your varied team without deviating from standard government rules 

  • GreytHR’s built-in employee self-service portal makes applying for leaves easier, tracking their leave balances, receiving email notifications on leave status, and improving the overall employee experience.

greythr leaves policies
greythr leaves policies
greythr leaves policies
  • GreytHR’s leave management dashboard provides HR teams with 360-degree visibility into leave applications, possible trends, and historical patterns on both the organisation-level and individual employee levels. It is an excellent way to plan resources better, identify employees at risk of burnout, and prioritise mental wellness. 

Features and Availability

  • Compliance with location-specific leave policy - Yes

  • Custom leave approval workflow - Yes

  • Team calendar and scheduling - Yes

  • Timesheet, payroll, and attendance integration - Yes

  • Automated leave entitlement and accrual tracking- Yes

  • Mobile accessibility - Yes

  • Leave-related notifications and reminders - Yes

  • Customised leave usage and pattern insights - Yes

  • Confidentiality of secured employee data - Yes

  • Leave related documents management - No

  • Leave dashboard and absence tracker - Yes

  • Employee self-service portal - Yes

  • Multi-language support - Yes

GreytHR Pricing: Does it Fit Your Budget? 


This is a free plan applicable to companies with up to 25 employees. You will have limited access to features like Core HR, payroll, leave management, attendance management, and advanced analytics. Additionally, this plan does not offer features like automated employee workflows, AI-powered chatbot support, and performance management systems. 

Ideal for: Early-stage organisations with smaller teams seeking an affordable option to automate HR operations with limited options. 


The essential plan costs ₹3495 per month and can accommodate up to 50 employees. Adding additional employees will cost ₹30 per month per employee. The plan has all the core features, such as HR, payroll, leave management, advanced analytics, and an AI chatbot. Features like performance management and absent management are unavailable. 

Ideal for: Early to mid-sized organisations that recently started expanding their teams and not looking for attendance management, employee self onboarding and exit management. 


The Growth plan is available at ₹5495 per month for up to 50 employees. To add more employees above these 50, you must pay an additional ₹60 per month per employee. This plan provides access to all the features available in the Essential plan, including useful features like performance management and absent management. 

Ideal for: Mid-sized organisations operating in the scaling phase and looking to hire more people within a shorter period. Some critical features for growing businesses, like expense management, geo-tagging and performance management systems are available as add-ons here. 


The Enterprise plan costs ₹7495 per month for up to 50 employees, and to add additional employees, you will have to pay ₹100 per employee per month. All advanced features are available under this plan. 

Ideal for: This plan is suitable for large enterprises hiring new employees every month. Some of the key features for growing businesses, like expense management, geo tagging, and a performance management system, are available as add-ons here.  

GreytHR’s pricing structure - our take

While most key players, such as Keka and Zoho Payroll, use the same pricing structure, this may only suit some organisations. Here’s why: 

  • The Starter Plan, though free, doesn’t provide access to the advanced features. You will not have access to must-have features like payroll, leave management system, etc. Additionally, you cannot add more than 20 employees 

  • While both Essential and Growth plans accommodate up to 50 employees, the Essential Plan's limited access to features and the unavailability of significant features like absent management and performance management push you to opt for the Growth Plan. 

Most startups with fewer than 50 employees require advanced features to streamline HR operations. The fact that GreytHR gates the critical features pushes you to select costlier plans despite having a smaller team and a limited budget. Due to this feature-lockin framework, you end up paying more than you intend to, stopping you from sustainable growth opportunities. 

An alternative to this pricing plan is the user-based plan. Systems like Craze adopt this approach and charge based on the number of employees you have on your team without any feature gating. Craze offers a transparent pricing where your cost per month is decided based on the products you select with no feature limitations: 

  • Core: Starts at only ₹30/month/person 

  • Payroll: Starts only at ₹50/month/person 

  • Leaves and Attendance management: Start at ₹30/month/person for each product

craze payroll
craze payroll
craze payroll

The best part? For whichever plan you select, there is no feature gatekeeping. You can contact Craze for custom plans based on your team size and unique use cases. 

This approach is appropriate for small and mid-sized organisations because they only have to pay for the number of team employees. They still experience all the essential features to handle their HR operations. 

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User Feedback: Are GreytHR Users Happy?  

We have analysed user feedback on GreytHR across common review forums like G2 and Capterra and listed the benefits and disadvantages: 

Benefits of GreytHR 

  • Users essentially appreciate GreytHR’s Payroll software. It has a simple user interface appropriate for scaling companies with changing pricing structures, and adding salary components is straightforward. 

  • GreytHR has a supportive customer service team that responds to support tickets within 24 hours. Additionally, they have FAQs and user training videos to help the users navigate across the platform.

Disadvantages of GreytHR  

  • Poor attendance management system that often collapses and doesn’t get auto-updated. Employees either need to regularise their attendance or send emails to HR manually to get approval.

  • GreytHR’s customisation options regarding the attendance and leave management portals are limited. This also affects the payroll calculation.

  • The user interface has several advancement opportunities as ATS is unavailable, performance management is not flexible, and KPI tracking is also limited. 

Reviews collected from Source 1 and Source 2 

Overall Review on the Core GreytHR Features 

Feature  - HR software

  • Pros - Self-served employee portal for engagement and collaboration. 

  • Cons - Absence of a learning and development repository to store courses and training for employee growth. 

Feature - Payroll software

  • Pros - Flexible payroll software offers multiple payment options, built-in tax calculations, direct payout processing, and automated employee expense management. 

  • Cons - Since attendance management doesn’t auto-update regularly, payroll processing is at risk of errors.

Feature - Leave management software

  • Pros - A unified dashboard to track leaves, empowering employees with self-served leave applications and powerful analytics on leave types to make informed resource management decisions. 

  • Cons - No document management repository exists to store leave applications, medical reports, travel itineraries, and similar documents. 

Final Verdict based on GreytHR Review

After a detailed analysis of GreytHR and its features, our final verdict is: 

Use GreytHR if you are an enterprise seeking advanced HR operations support with no budget restrictions and looking to scale your team-building efforts. 

Look for an alternative to GreytHR if you are a small or medium-sized business looking to access advanced HR operation features at a reasonable price and need help predicting your hiring plans. 

While we are at it, find out about some of the best GreytHR alternatives in the next section. 

5 GreytHR Alternatives Available to HR Leaders and Founders 

The best GreytHR alternatives we found from our research: 

  • Craze - It offers user based pricing and doesn’t gate any features, but it provides advanced features like Core HR, automated and error-free payroll, a powerful leave management system and a time and attendance management system in all plans. It charges you on a per-user, per-month basis to enjoy all the features at a very competitive pricing with no feature limitations. That means you don’t have to forcefully burn a hole in your pocket just to avail yourself of your desired features. Pay according to your team size and enjoy unlimited features.

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craze signup
craze signup
  • Keka - An end to end HR management system that helps organisations streamline functions like recruitment, onboarding, employee management, and more.

  • Zoho Payroll - Effortless migration to Zoho Payroll from any other HRMS platform with pre-defined templates that reduce manual work. 

  • RazorpayX Payroll - Helps your team calculate payroll and disburse salaries in just a few clicks with compliance management.

  • ZingHR - Built-in talent acquisition platform to attract employees and make data-driven hiring decisions.


GreytHR is one of the best HRMS platforms, and there is no doubt about that. But, our GreytHR review establishes that there are more affordable tools for startups and mid-size organisations. Otherwise, you either have access to the basic HR features or you will end up paying over ₹7000 per month, despite having a small team, just to access advanced features like personalised workflows, performance management, and attendance management. 

Alternatively, you can explore Craze - the ultimate platform for Indian startups offering powerful features at unbeatable prices. Enjoy core features for INR 30/month and payroll for INR 50/month with no hidden charges. Get direct access to founders for unparalleled support and benefit from a Leaves and Time & Attendance Management System that syncs with payroll in real-time. Craze’s products are deeply integrated out of the box, allowing you to pick and choose what you need. With a simple, clean UI, hyper granular permission profiles, superior document management, and quick setup, Craze provides everything you need to streamline your operations and grow your business.

Here’s what Craze’s customers have to say👇

craze review
craze review
craze review


What types & Sizes of businesses benefit most from using GreytHR?

Enterprises with higher headcounts and having no budget restrictions looking to scale their team-building efforts benefit most from using GreytHR.

Is immediate support available with GreytHR?

GreytHR has a supportive customer service team that responds to support tickets within 24 hours. Additionally, they provide FAQs and user training videos to help users navigate the platform.

Does GreytHR include features for payroll and compliance management?

Yes, GreytHR includes features for payroll and compliance management. The payroll software offers built-in tax calculations, direct payout processing, and automated employee expense management. It also ensures compliance with statutory regulations.

Is there a mobile app available for GreytHR?

Yes, GreytHR offers mobile accessibility for its HR, payroll, and leave management software, allowing users to access the platform on the go.

What third-party tools can be integrated with GreytHR?

GreytHR can integrate with banks, recruitment CRMs, and biometric systems to develop custom workflows and automate time-consuming manual tasks.

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